Bringing solar powered irrigation to farms in East Africa and the Middle East.



The Challenge


In the remote regions of Africa, agriculture relies on seasonal rains. In some seasons, however, the rain is very poor, leading to the death of agriculture. Despite, irregular and insufficient rainfall, frequent drought, and the existence of ample and untapped water resources, farmers from rural regions have to work extremely hard for water to irrigate the crops.

Our Mission


The mission of Green Wheel is to change the way that farmers irrigate crops by providing more efficient irrigation systems fuelled by renewable energy sources. Irrigation farming protects a region's food production from extreme weather conditions and helps increase food production by providing cops with a consistent water source.

The Starting Point


Sudan is blessed with ideal solar radiation levels, making it a great starting point for providing clean solar power for water irrigation.



“Boosts in irrigation could help protect regions’ food security in the face of more extreme weather conditions driven by climate change, and be an engine of development.”


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